Media and the Military 2011

Topics: Mass media, Journalism, Vietnam War Pages: 4 (1426 words) Published: February 3, 2011
OUTLINEQUESTION: What is the importance of a positive military/media relationship? 1. Introduction a. The military’s interaction with the media plays a major part in public’s opinion of the military. b. THESIS: The media’s ability to shape opinions of a global audience must remain at the front of every military’s leader’s mind. Military Officers should not accuse the media of only providing limited information, but rather remind the journalists of the impact this relatively small amount of information has on the public’s perception of the military. 2. Media misrepresents military actions to the public. a. TET Offensive b. DESERT STORM and DESERT SHIELD c. Abu Ghrai d. Media integrated with the unit e. 3. Media and Security a. Censorship 4. ConclusionUnderstanding the media and its impact are crucial to the future of military officers.The media is the only way to get the news out to the public. | Military and the Media|

C170: Writing to Persuade|
MAJ Elizabeth J Waterman|

MAJ Elizabeth Waterman

The U.S. military’s interaction with various media outlets continues to shape the perception of public opinion and over all support for military actions. The public’s perception of military operations results primarily from tidbits of information obtained via internet articles, blogs and television reports. Culturally and historically, the military generally views the media negatively, preferring to avoid journalists instead of actively engaging them. The result continues to be a disjointed...

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