Media Influence & Kenyan Politiccs

Topics: Political party, Critical thinking, Elections Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Statement of Topic:

Research on media as a source of influence on Kenya’s politics & the Kenyan voting public’s opinion.

Purpose/General objective:

The purpose of this paper is to help understand the influence of media as a source of influence on Kenya’s politics & the Kenyan voting public’s opinion.


Kenya is a rapidly growing country, & so is the awareness about the various political parties, and candidates seeking to be elected as political representatives is growing as disseminated through the different forms of media, So we found it necessary to study media as a source of influence on the voting public’s opinion & Kenyan politics as a whole.  


The research design would be descriptive in nature and data would be collected from primary source through questionnaires, would be quantified for further analysis.

Specific Objectives:

1. To study an impact of various media (Electronic and print) on Kenya’s voting public decision making process.

2. To study, which type of media influences the consumer most to vote the way they do.

3. To study which type of media the voters find most credible.  

4. To understand Kenyan media’s agenda setting ability.

5. To understand the effects of Media Bias on politics.

Elements of Specific Objectives:

1. Media’s agenda setting ability.

• Media’s ability to set the political agenda through repeated news coverage by placing a spotlight on specific issues they feel the public should consider as important.

• Programming content focused on specific issues which most of the time do not tell the whole story.

2. Media bias.

• Media is effective in telling voters what issues to focus on and what to think of those issues.

• Media coverage ignores political parties and focuses instead on candidates, which is both positive & negative.

• Favorable coverage towards particular candidates they believe have a...
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