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Reality Television- Why is it so Popular?
Reality television is popular mainly due to voyeurism. Reality tv gives us the impression that we are looking into ‘celebrity’s’ or real people’s lives and how they live. When in fact some of the scenes in these programmes are scripted and set up purely for our entertainment. Reality tv follows a formula which draws in the audience. During the majority of episodes there will be humour, conflict and romance. Many people enjoy it because it relates to lives people live these days. Reality tv is the most popular genre on the television in most recent times. In recent years, reality TV specifically reality game shows such as Big Brother have increased dramatically in the number of different reality shows there are and the amount of screen time they occupy. In Britain there are the amount of screen time they occupy. In Britain there are “30 reality programs during peak time every week night on the core terrestrial and digital channels.” I agree that reality television engages with the lives of real people as it this format continues to inform and entertain people. Also that now there is a growing number of reality shows proves that is engaging people and the fact that viewing figures for the Strictly Come Dancing final are up by 1 million compared with the previous year. Tv shows that are reality usually have stereotyped people there is most always, a pretty girl a ugly boy a clever boy and the dumb blonde and always a nasty person in it, which started as nasty nick in big brother which become popular. Jade Goody was a character that came on big brother in 2002 and was judged for being offensive and racist to other contestants in the house. Reality television has main uses of gratification. The most one is entertainment there’s also information, personal identity and integration and social interaction. Most channels that we pay for as on Sky and Virgin Media are filled with reality tv programmes. Some of the key conventions...
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