Melting Pot or Mosaic?

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, Culture Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: November 12, 2013

Melting Pot or Mosaic?
Culture includes a lot of different elements, such as religion, language, race, clothing, social value and politics background. Culture does influence our habits and daily lives. As culture carries a set of value, people should respect others from different culture backgrounds. The nation always advocates independence and equality. Therefore, America is the land of opportunities for immigrates due to successful economy system and democratic political system. Combining different culture might form a new civilization for the future American society and make the society better. The United States, paraded as the land of the freedom, should let everyone preserve their cultures.

The first reason to support mosaic is that the nations can grow more stronger with culture diversity. Most immigrants pursues the opportunities of work and a better life; as a result, they work harder than native born Americans. According to Tamar Jacoby, the president of Immigration Works USA, 88 precent of Mexico men and 94 precent illegal Mexico men were looking for a job before the economic downturn in 2006; however, only 66 percent of native-born men were searching for a job. In addition, newcomers work for longer hours; a typical low-skilled immigrant work 56 percent longer than a typical low-skilled American. Jacoby also pointed out that immigrants usually do dirty and dangerous jobs. They will work eagerly under any conditions. As a result, their drive pay an important role in the economics.

The second reason to support mosaic is that it enriches the culture experience. As we can see, culture diversity creates a plethora of food, music, costume, entertainment and traditions. We have a lot choice of restaurant: Little Tokyo, Korean Town, China Town, etc. When I go to China Town Yum Cha, I see many white people or people form different culture backgrounds love to eat dim sum too. This show that most of the American would like to absorb variety of...
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