Melting Pot V. Tossed Salad

Topics: Culture, Multiculturalism, Cultural assimilation Pages: 5 (2110 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Tossed Salad Vs. Melting Pot
In discussions of tossed salad and melting pot, a controversial issue is whether or not tossed salad is better than melting pot. Tossed salad represents multiculturalism. The tossed salad is colorful and it has unique and different ingredients it has the tomatoes, the lettuce, the cucumbers, the red and green and orange bell peppers and other ingredients. Each ingredient has its own unique color, texture and taste. What unites all these ingredients though is the dressing whether it is Italian, French or Ranch. They all come together to be able to form one thing. It is the same thing with a tossed salad society. Being part of a tossed salad means that one lives in a multicultural society in which one could find people of different races and ethnicities. People are of different skin colors. Each culture has there own unique language. Each culture has different ways of dressing and eating. They are able to maintain their culture and grow and become stronger but something still holds all these cultures together. The dream to be able to have a strong and united society. Melting pot on the other hand is a cultural assimilation it is like tomato soup. Many ingredients are used to be able to create the tomato soup but in the end it just has one flavor. All these ingredients are unique in their own way just like the ingredients from the tossed salad. They each have their own texture, taste and color. In the end though all these ingredients just come together and create one flavor that is unique. All the ingredients in one way or another loose their uniqueness, their color and texture and taste. The same thing happens with a melting pot society. Cultures come together to be able to form something new and unique. Each culture, in the beginning, has its own personality. They each have their own believes and languages. Slowly, they joined the melting pot and started to lose their cultural identity and form a new one. They are no longer unique in their own way but instead they are unique by the fact that they have contributed to creating a new society that has taken bits and pieces of each culture to be able to form a new one. They are all held together by this new culture and society that unites them all. Melting pot, in a way, is a bad thing because people stop learning about the ways of their ancestors leaving them forgotten and left behind in history. Though it could still be a good thing because it helps to unite people. The same goes for a tossed salad in which it could be better because people are not united as strongly. It is still good though because people are able to keep their cultural identity and it is not lost in history. Where Leana B. Gloor says, “The melting pot theory, also referred to as cultural assimilation, revolves around the analogy that ‘the ingredients in the pot (people of different cultures and religions) are combined so as to lose their discrete identities and yield a final product of uniform consistency and flavor, which is quite different from the original inputs…" (Gloor) I agree and would like to add that a tossed salad society is better. It is better because unlike a melting pot one is still unique because of their culture. Through a tossed salad society cultures do not lose their cultural identity. They are still to keep the traditions that their ancestors had and continue to practice these traditions. They are still able to believe and do the things that they were raised to do. One is part of two societies when they are part of a tossed salad. While being part of one society at home but another while they are not at home. For example, they are American when they are not home. They dress like an American; they talk English, and know things like Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Saturday Night Live, etc. Yet when they are home they still have the same traditions their ancestors had; like in a Mexican family they eat enhiladadas, talk Spanish and watch novelas. It is...

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