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Topics: Elections, Voting, Democracy Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Name : Md.Kadimul hoque Shafin
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Prime Minister election in Bangladesh
For any democratic country, election is one of the major political events. Which basically decides that which political party will form the government and it also brings to us a new prime minister .One political party can form government for some years. How many years they have the authority to remain in the power, varies country to country .In our country, one party can lead the whole nation for five years. Then again a new election occurs to renew the government .Once the result of election is out, the winning party’s chairman become the Prime Minister. Some steps of electing PM are: forming care taker government , publicity of the nominees ,and voting nominees by the public. First of all, a care taker government is formed by current government at the end of their validity .Care taker government must be neutral to arrange a fair election. They get three months of time to arrange an election. Within this time, they divide the whole country into some zones, guide the election commission, discuss with political parties, monitor overall situation related with election. If everything goes all right, then caretaker government declares the date of final election. After getting the declaration, election commission-EC, arranges ballot boxes, ballot papers, and other equipments for the election. Then, till the election, nominees from different political parties become so busy in publicity. All day all night they go from door to door so that they can convince people to give a vote for him/her and to elect him/her from his or her election zone. volunteers do the posterings, miking, distributing of leaflets in public places etc on behalf of the nominees. Finally, the much awaited day comes. On the day of election, people having voter ID card; of every classes, go to voting centers. They stay a long time in a line in order to give a...
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