Mgt/311 Groups, Teams, and Conflict

Topics: Multiculturalism, Employment, Work Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Groups, Teams, and Conflict

May 6, 2013
Sylvia Ramirez-Cahan

Groups, Teams, and Conflict
There are various strategies available to aid in effective team building. One step is developing a recruiting strategy that supports the organization’s diversity goals. Volunteering time to organizations that serve the needs of underrepresented segments of the population is another way to enhance your company’s reputation as an employer that values diversity. Another step that can be used is by registering the organization with local job agencies, such as the local Workforce Center. The organization can also contact universities, trade schools and other academic institutions with information about the company and keep them informed of job openings they can post for graduating students. Organizations can also create partnerships with national and local organizations to promote the company’s image. It can also help to participate in industry events, and include employees in the company’s current workforce who represent various forms of diversity. The organization should not limit its definition of diversity to race, color, sex, national origin or religion but should expand its concept of diversity to include multi-generational diversity as well as diversity in work styles and cultures. One of the most important strategies is to construct work teams with diversity in mind. Whenever possible, the organization should assign employees to work on teams together who otherwise would not have the opportunity to work together. They should assemble groups of people who represent varied work styles, generations, skills and culture and encourage collaboration and synergy among employees through embracing differences (Huebsch, 2013).

One of the biggest challenges with diversity is misconception. Most people associate the word diversity with multicultural issues, but it also covers the differences in age, sex, sexual orientation, religion,...

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