Topics: New Testament, Jesus, Gospel of Luke Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: October 2, 2013

Miracles are divine operations that often surpass what is normally perceived as a natural happening; it cannot be explained by the normal laws of nature. It is a divine intervention of God’s holy power to our lives. As a Catholic, we are raised by the words of God that’s why we are very familiar with the miracles done by Jesus Christ. As what we can read and see in the Bible, Jesus performed a lot of Miracles that helped the people understand their meaningful lives. The miracles aided them into believing that there is a God up above; the holy individual whom we can lean on and trust. It also proved Jesus Christ is a son of God who spreads his father’s words. The feeding of the 5000 people, making a blind man see again, walking on water are some of his known miracles. But nobody would forget his greatest miracle of all – his resurrection. These made him widely known to every people that’s why the followers of God heightened. It showed Jesus’ holiness and sacredness. The unbelievers believed and the believers trusted Him more. Though we don’t see nowadays the miracles like what Jesus performed, it is still all around us. It is actually happening every time in our lives. There are the statues of Mother Mary that are said to shed a tear, there are the faces of Jesus appearing on branches of trees that are believed to heal, and the ‘holy’ people who can heal any kinds of disease. But, there are other Miracles that we don’t often see because we are blind; blind from material things that’s why these are concealed from our naked eyes. So, you might ask, what are these miracles I’m talking about? What I am pointing out are the simplest things in life that are given to us. Even the birth of a healthy baby from an unhealthy mother should be considered as a miracle. Those people who survive from fatal diseases are miracle. Corrupt politicians or people who turn themselves in can be a miracle because God may have done something in their...
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