Topics: New Testament, God, Miracle Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: June 3, 2013
“The biblical concept of miracles leads to belief in a God who cares more for some more than others” In the bible, God is portrayed as a divine being who is very much involved in creation and acts as a part of it. This is shown through the works in Joshua 10, where God defeats 5 kings in favour of Joshua and the rest of the chosen people. He does so by using his omnipotence over nature to cast hail stones upon them. When scriptures were originally written, people had no real idea of the natural world around them and assumed that reactions (we see today as normal) such as electrical storms, were God portraying his magnificence. Alongside this, due to upholding no real scientific knowledge, they believed that God held the sun still. Close enough for us to be warm and protected yet not burn up, yet not too far away so we die out due to the coldness. This idea led to the belief of God being immanent and involved with his creation. In the Old Testament God certainly does favour certain groups of people such as the Israelites and punishes those who go against him such as the Egyptians. This portrays a God who is judging, Vengeful and omnipotent. However miracles in the New Testament centre on Jesus. Just within the four gospels there are 30 miracles which are divided into themes of new beginning or new era to show how Jesus is the Son of God and will bring salvation to his people. This gives the idea of a God who is omnibenevolent, and loving through his creation such with the story of feeding of the 5000. Again, due to coming from a culture lacking the knowledge of the laws of nature, miraculous interventions by God were the way in which people explained the world around them. The problem of evil is brought forward with miracles. As surely an omnipotent and omnibenevolent would perform miracles to stop there ever being any evil in this world. Irenaeus says that miracles deprive humans of the opportunity of learning and flourishing, as they are under the impression...
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