Module 4_10th grade – THE MASS MEDIA

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Module 4_10th grade – THE MASS MEDIA

1 Translate the following words
TV programmes: chat show, documentary, game show, reality show, soap opera, the news Newspapers: local newspaper, popular newspaper, quality newspaper Internet: chatroom, newsletter, website
Mobile phones: text updates, text voting
Телевизионные программы: ток-шоу, документальный фильм, телевикторина, реалити-шоу, мыльная опера, новости Газеты: местная газета, популярная газета, солидная газета Интернет: chat-komnata, информационный бюллетень, веб-сайт Мобильные телефоны: текстовые обновления, текстовое голосование 2 Read the questions and write the answers about yourself:

Which things in the key words have you seen, read or used?
I have seen almost all the things in the key word and I use every day website. Do you listen to the radio much? Which programmes?
I don’t listen radio ,only when I am in a car.
How many hours of TV do you watch every week?
I watch TV about 5 hours a week.
What are your favourite TV programmes?
My favourite TV programmes are extreme and discovery.
What magazines do you read regularly?
I don’t read magazines ,I can find information from magazines in internet ,so I don’t use them Do you read a newspaper regularly? Which one?
I don’t read a newspaper ,may be if there’re horoscope ,the only thing I like. What do you use the Internet for? How much time do you spend on the Internet each week? I use internet for studying, work ,entertainment, hobby, computer games.I spend about 24 hours a week on Internet . Do you use a mobile phone for information or entertainment? What kind of information would you like to get on your mobile phone? I don’t use mobile phone for information or entertainment ,I use it only for calls or sending sms.

3 Read the text below and underline the correct answer, a, b or c.

1 ITN is particularly interesting for Greg because
a it is a modern museum of technology.
b it is the centre of world journalism. B is correct
c everything is broadcast live there.

2 ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are
a radio channels.
b TV channels. B is correct
c British branches of ITN.

3 When he first worked at ITN, Greg covered
a political news. A is correct
b economic news.
c news about celebrities.

4 Chancery Lane is the name of
a the street where ITN is located.
b an underground line in London. B is correct
c a tube station in London.

5 If you are a very curious ITN visitor you can
a see live broadcasts of TV news programmes.
b report a debate in Parliament yourself.
c do your own survey among famous presenters and journalists. C is correct

Working for the news centre in London
A report by Greg Hudson

Visitors to London are always impressed by this exciting city, with its numerous attractions of all kinds. For me, London’s most interesting place is a huge building at 200 Gray’s Inn Road, the home of ITN – Independent Television News. This was my London for the past year. Once you get into the glass and steel giant, you cannot resist the feeling that you have come to the centre of the world. Hundreds of journalists and the most famous presenters are rushing around with reports of the latest world news – all just around you.

ITN is a huge news organisation providing bulletins, scripts and pictures to independent radio and television stations around the UK. Whether you are watching ITV, Channel 4 or Channel 5, you will see the news that is broadcast from Gray’s Inn Road in London. For those who are more curious, it is worth coming to see the building itself. If you are lucky you can even see Channel 5 Newsbroadcast live.

When I first came to ITN, I was a student of radio and television journalism. Working as a young journalist in England, I had the chance to see the things ordinary people cannot see. I never thought that I would be sitting at a journalist’s desk in Parliament listening to the live reports of debates. I took part in many press conferences of top...
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