Multicultural Psychology Paper

Topics: Sociology, United States, Psychology Pages: 4 (1093 words) Published: December 17, 2011
Multicultural Psychology
Silvia P. Reyes Hernandez
University of Phoenix
PSYCH: 535 Multicultural Psychology
Dr. Edward T. Armstrong
October 14, 2011

The focus on this paper is to define multicultural psychology. Multicultural psychology refers to the study that if is influenced of multiple cultures and behaviors in a social context. Also multicultural psychology means multiple ways of knowing different cultures and backgrounds and investigates the influence of social factors on individuals. Multicultural psychology is defined as a race, ethnicity, culture, and minority status that is represented in social class or different groups. The main point of multicultural psychology is the behaviors on individuals and it can occur in cultural context. Education can be a rationale for establishment of multicultural psychology. Psychologist as educators can encourage student by teaching him or her construct of multiculturalism in psychological education. One of the benefits of education is the diversity of different groups of individuals.“Multicultural psychology is American psychology, albeit a part of American psychology that has been neglected” (Gordon, 2010 p.2).

Multicultural Psychology
Cauce (2011) stated “Multicultural psychology places, a clear emphasis, perhaps it even privileges, the role of context and culture. There is not quest for universality and there is an assumption that the quest to understand and predict human behavior” (p. 228). Therefore, multicultural psychology should not only refer to study different group of people; it is discovered the different constructs and culturally specific.

One concept of multicultural psychology is related to theories and research, which includes a supported treatment in clinical psychology. However, some psychologists those are not culturally diverse. In some cases culture has been an issue as a neglected on theories and research. Unfortunately, neglect has been raise in the...

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