Multicultural Sociaties

Topics: Culture, Multiculturalism, Polyethnicity Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Multicultural societies are a mixture of different ethnic group. Bring more benefits than drawbacks for a country. Do you agree or disagree. 多元社会可以更好的了解其他文化,促进文化融合 可以鼓励思维的多样性,带动社会创新。
1. 多元文化multiculturalism的好处是促进文化的融合,鼓励思维的多样性,带动社会创新。 2. 而缺点则可能导致文化同化cultural assimilation,会导致民族间的文化冲突cultural conflict. Consequently, in the following years………definitely still will this is less likely today when………

It is no denying that multiculturalism we are receiving is the most characteristic feature in the world nowadays. Whether multicultural society can bring much benefit for a country or not becomes a heated debate. I, however, personally hold the opinion that this change has much beneficial to the whole world, especially the developing counties, regardless of certain drawbacks it brings.

First, to live in a society of diversity tends to have much greater understanding, in terms of other cultures from outside, which I mean that this certainly allows us to enter another world totally different to ours, or to be able to have a better understanding the positive effect: the differences in cultures, creating a harmonious environment all around. Consequently, culture diversity actually contributes to the blending of races and ethnic groups.

Moreover, under the circumstance of multicultural society, people can widely extent(extend) their pattern of thought, which is quite important to greatly promote the growth of society. This means that as this world has become a smaller global village, diversity of traditions, including food, music and customs brought by immigrants can definitely satisfy the greater of people’s needs. Thus, the society which full of variety culture definitely will become attractive and vibrate place to live in.

There are, on the contrary, some certain drawbacks, especially culture conflict. Those who from other countries have to accept the dominant cultures, these countries will confront with the loss of their traditional cultures. Obviously, diversity...
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