Multicultural Supervision

Topics: Culture, Multiculturalism, Acculturation Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: October 23, 2011
M7_A1_Q3_ Multicultural supervision
According to Constantine (2001), despite the increasing attention to multicultural issues in supervision research, many current supervisors may have not been sufficiently trained to address multicultural issues in supervision practice. For example, Constantine (1997) reported that 70% of the supervisors she surveyed had never taken an academic course related to multicultural counseling issues, whereas 70% of the supervisees in her study had completed such a course. She concluded that supervisors, in general, might be less aware of multicultural counseling issues than their supervisees. Because of the increasing cultural diversity of the U.S. population, it seems important that supervisors who have not been trained to address cultural issues in supervision identify opportunities to develop appropriate competencies in this area. Counselor supervisors may be crucial catalysts in encouraging attention to cultural issues in trainees' counseling and supervision relationships. Supervisors who attend to cultural issues in supervision relationships and who encourage supervisees to attend to such issues when warranted in counseling relationships may be successful in training students who are effective in working with culturally diverse clients. With this given and slowly evolving situation of multiculturalism I think that in considering a more comprehensive definition of supervision the following dimensions becomes important: 1. An understanding of the term and meaning of minority.

2. Acculturation issues (both inter and intra family)
3. The perceived power of the supervisor and the supervisor/supervisee relationship. However, I believe that all counseling and supervision contacts have some form of cultural, racial-ethnic aspects which shape core assumptions, attitudes, and values of the persons involved and which may enhance or impede counselor effectiveness. In the final analysis I believe that it is partly the supervisor's...
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