Multicultural Unity

Topics: Nation, Culture, Polyethnicity Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Discuss the importance of multicultural unity in developing a culture of peace in the Mauritian Nation.

Mauritius is one of the polyethnic country that has the most peaceful and stable democratic government. Mauritius is also known as a multicultural unity and being that the Mauritian population enjoys a rich ethnic background, consisting of Hindus, Muslim, Tamils, Africans, Malagasy descents and Chinese. The main religions are Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Mauritius is a small country where religious festivals, rituals, customs and traditions abound in all their splendors.

In any multicultural society, the degree of tolerance and respect plays an important role in determining whether a multicultural society is an advantage or not. The presence of tolerance in a society amongst members of different backgrounds and ethnic groups can ensure a stable political situation as well as a stable economy. This enables the society itself to cultivate friendship amongst members of different cultures and helps the country to grow and prosper.

The Mauritian population should develop an attitude of sharing. The national output should also be equally distributed among people of different communities. It is not fair when one community is richer than the other is. Similarly, it is not just when one community is the victim of exclusion. Whenever there is injustice, in a multiethnic country at the expense of the weaker races, there is bound to be rebellious against the authorities. Then peace prevailing is shattered.

There should also be equalization of opportunities in education in a multicultural society. Students should have equal chances of succeeding in the academic field irrespective of social or family background. Then the feeling that there is equality in the country of multi unity is to be said. The media should also be board all ethnic group while providing coverage. Equal number of programs should telecast in the ethnic group so that no community feels...
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