Multicultural Voices

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Multiculturalism, Canada Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: October 5, 2013
1)Canada is proven to be one of the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse nations in the world. By being the second largest country by area, Canada has the capacity to host millions of people from around the world. Canada, named after the native Indians, is an Iroquoian word meaning “land or village” and Canada has developed this reputation that we are a village entitled to freedom. In the readings from Pens of Many Colours, there are stories and experiences of individuals and families coming to Canada to experience what Canada has to offer. However, Canada like any country in the world has its own “race” as described in the story from Henry Martey Cadjoe. By Henry immigrating to Canada in 1974, he was faced with skin colour differences and language barriers. Although Henry could speak English fluently he still faced the dilemma of having an African accent which he knew would set him back. Henry strived to make Canada is home by pursuing employment and encountering himself in Canadian culture, only to get let down multiple times and to feel like he is living in a “white man’s” country. However, in the story of Himani Bannerji, she captures a young girl becoming aware of racial identity as she sees herself as different. The young girl in this story wanted to feel normal and accepted for who she is and make her mother proud by her achievements. She revealed a drawing to her mother of her family, but it wasn’t her family at all it was a picture of a white family. The mother reacted in such horror feeling devastated that she brought her daughter to Canada realizing her daughter would have to face the cultural differences between her own and Canada’s. Mehri Yalfani, writes an incredible story about a girl named Susan, who was a newcomer to Canada. Susan comes to Canada with a traumatic past looking for a new beginning. Attending English speaking lessons, Susan is frustrated with her lack of understanding while also dealing with culture shock. Susan desperately...

References: Aboriginal and Diversity Initiatives, (2013) Retrieved from
Karpinski, Eva C. (2002). Pens of many colours. 3rd ed. Scarborough, Ont.: Nelson Thomson Learning.
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