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Multiculturalism on HUFS campus
Back in 1998, I moved with my parents and my older brother to the Netherlands at the age of 6. The first school day in the Netherlands I will never forget. I went into the class and saw so many kids that were different than me, not only the facial part but they also spoke a different language which I could not understand at all. This was the first time I got exposed to a term called multiculturalism. The 14 years experience in the Netherlands helped me a lot to understand multiculturalism. I had to deal with a lot of situations where I had to get along with people from different countries and backgrounds. By communicating with them, I could improve my English language and get more knowledge about the cultural differences of societies. Because of the fact that I have already experienced some kind of multiculturalism, it was not difficult for me to choose the subject of this essay assignment for the course. Multiculturalism is a really interesting subject to research, especially because the subject is not about the multicultural aspects of societies, but the multiculturalism on our school: the Hanguk University of Foreign studies. According to Wikipedia, the term multiculturalism or ethnic diversity, relates to communities containing multiple cultures (term Multiculturalism on Wikipedia). In this essay though, it is about the diversity of cultures at the HUFS. Multiculturalism at HUFS can be understood and accepted in different ways, depending on the sort of groups: Korean students, foreign students, Professors and parents. For this essay I interviewed fellow students, professors and parents about their opinion and how they think about the Multiculturalism at the HUFS. Do they see it as a beneficial thing or are there also negative aspects of the multicultural environment at the University of Foreign studies?

As well known Korean students are almost giving up everything to their school life. For them school is not about enjoyment or having a good time with friends, but it is about getting high grades, accomplish top rankings of best graded student, and their ultimate goal is to study at one of the best universities in Seoul called SKY: Seoul national University, Korea University and Yonsei University. These are all universities where only the best graded students of the country can apply for. On the other hand, the HUFS is different to the other universities in Seoul because of their enormous diversity of foreign studies that are available at the university. These are also the main reasons why there are so many foreign students from all over the world studying at HUFS. Because of the multiple languages and many foreign students, the HUFS is seen as a multicultural university. For the Korean students HUFS can be a quite new environment, because they suddenly get exposed to multiculturalism in their University life which they are not used to. How do Korean students adapt and most important, what do they think about the multiculturalism at the HUFS. According to one of my friends and fellow student of the DIS called Ki-cheol Joo, he believes that multiculturalism is a huge advantage for Korean students because of the fact that Korean students usually are not exposed to a multicultural environment. He also believes that by being exposed to different languages and cultures at HUFS, Korean students can improve their English language automatically and learn to understand the cultural differences of foreign students. On the other hand, Son ho Yeon, a second fellow student of DIS had the opinion that he struggled with the unexpected multicultural environment and especially with the enormous increased use of the English language, in which he had struggled with during his high school period. He stated that multiculturalism can have advantages, but for some Korean students this new environment can be awkward and difficult to adapt in. As the opinions of the Korean students...
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