Topics: Multiculturalism, Canada, Culture Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Has Multiculturalism in Canada Lost Its Way? Now that multiculturalism has become a popular concept, it is time for us to add more meat to the bone and expand on what it means to Canada to be a multicultural society. While most Canadians highlight our multicultural character as a virtue, it continues to mean different things to different people.Multiculturalism is the recognition that while Canadians share equal rights and responsibilities, they come with diverse cultural backgrounds where each is entitled to practice their faith freely and take pride in their heritage .Multicultural critics think of multiculturalism as an enabler to ghettoize our communities where Canadians are discouraged from integrating with "mainstream" society. Other critics even see it as a threat to "Canadian Identity. "Such discussions are necessary within any confident society. The idea of building a harmonious nation with various cultures, faiths and races is tricky and requires a lot of delicate effort.

Government multicultural policies should focus on building common spaces that promote cultural understanding and foster respect. Policies that nurture interaction between the various communities will reduce suspicion and finger-pointing .One of the other benefits of multiculturalism is that it acts as a filter. Practices that don't afford respect to other Canadians including women, LGBTs, other faiths and cultures cannot be condoned by multiculturalism.

In this article Has multiculturalism hit a bump in the road? The author focus on the point whether all citizens see themselves as multicultural, or is that just a term we use to describe people who don’t fit into the old idea of Canada as the (mostly white) English-French establishment or First Nations. The author ague that What we have is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial society living largely in segregation. What we have are people who immigrated to this country decades ago yet still can't speak either English...
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