Multiculturalism, a Problem or a Benefit to the World?

Topics: United States, Multiculturalism, Melting pot Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: March 30, 2013
By definition multiculturalism is an ideal where several cultures manage to coexist amongst each other. It is both a beneficial and problematic way of living. But it has become necessary to overcome the issues and be able to handle the mixing of cultures because the globalizing of the world today. The main reason multiculturalism can be an issue is because when people with different values live close together in a society and depend on each other, there is bound to be some sort of friction between people. Issues that could arise may be government, economics, religion, being treated equally, racism, social problems and so on. People must live among each other, in school, work and society. There are also language barriers between people, and disagreements on many points. In for example, the United States the society is forced to adapt based on the needs of the people, they have a government that allows everyone to be heard. Every person has values and rights as a human being. Some of their most important values are Freedom of Religion, Democracy, Freedom of speech, Equality, Liberty, Justice of every citizen. These values are very important to the American people, and give everyone an equal chance at life. The phrase “Every man is created equal” is a good way to describe the way of life and values of the United States. Therefore, values are an important part of multiculturalism, with out values and government, there would not be civilization to the extent there is today. If you look at The United States and England, you see that they handle multiculturalism in two different ways. To understand why, you must look back into history. Native Americans occupied America before the Europeans discovered their country. Most of the Native Americans were killed by the Europeans, and today they only represent a small percentage of the American population. Therefore there is no such thing as people with an “American” heritage(except for the Native Americans). America is a...
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