My Favourite Place At Home

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My most favourite place at home is my Bedroom. Every person has a room in the house that we feels comfortable with it. I can do anything I want like studying , reading , dancing and watching movies . I also have a bathroom inside my bedroom , this is a wonderful thing for me . My bedroom is one of the best places in my house there I have my own privacy. It’s the place where I relax and do whatever I want . I have a big closet. It is as big as a giant, and a colorful mat it is like a rainbow. And on the other side of the room I have a small screen hanged on the wall, which I enjoy watching my favorite movies and TV shows. Something I always like to do is placing all my stuff under my bed when I go to sleep, like my laptop, i pod, and my cellphone. And right behind my bed is the room window, which has sparkling purple curtains. In my room I have everything I want . I have a beautiful black furniture . I don’t have a lot of lights because I don’t like it. I like a little of lights . It’s make the weather so romantic, quietly and relax. I have a very large headphones , I open it when I want to listen to the music . I spend most of my time in my room . My room is my absolute favorite room in the house. I enjoy my room and I enjoy doing pretty much anything as long as it’s in my room. I always invite my friends in it and have a lot of fun together .
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