My Lai Massacre

Topics: Vietnam War, South Vietnam, Vietnam Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: December 4, 2012
To What Extent Did The My Lai Massacre Impact On The Vietnam War

I am going to be looking at how My Lai Massacre impacted on the war in Vietnam. There were many factors that affected the war, but the My Lai Massacre was quite an important one. The My Lai Massacre took place on the 16th of March 1968. Charlie Company was the company that went to attack the village of My Lai. They had been told that there were Viet Cong hiding in the village, but the rumours were false, so the company decided to attack the innocent villagers, as they probably supported the Viet Cong anyway.

The US military methods failed, but still had an effect on the war. The main reason that they failed was because they couldn't find the enemies. The Viet Cong hid in under ground tunnels, in the jungle or in the villages with the normal innocent civilians, so the US couldn't differentiate between them. Napalm failed because it hardly killed any enemies, and burnt many innocent people alive, this made the Vietnamese civilians disapprove of the Americans. So they thought that they would use defoliants to destroy the jungle, they used a defoliant called 'Agent Orange'. But even after they had destroyed the jungle they still couldn't find the enemies, and because Agent Orange got into the water supplies and cause many birth defects this, again annoyed the civilians. Rolling Thunder failed because it was very expensive and would have been useful but they couldn't hit the target. Search and Destroy missions failed because they were always ambushed. Because of all of the methods used by the Americans, the Vietnamese had stopped supporting them and started to support the Viet Cong, this then made it harder for the US to fight the Viet Cong as they had more support. After the My Lai massacre on the 16 March 1968, the US had killed over 347 innocent civilians and raped and mutilated many of them.

The impact of the My Lai massacre on the Viet Cong was quite big, as they weren't in the town to...
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