My Sister

Topics: Twin, Family, Primary education Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: July 6, 2005
"The Life of Susan snow"
susan snow was born on January 28, 1975. Her birth brought double the joy to her family who just minutes before had rejoiced upon the birth of her identical twin sister, rachelle. She was a small premature baby born nearly five weeks early and remained in NYU Medical Center for a week under careful scrutiny. Her father and four older siblings eagerly anticipated her arrival at home. The family resided in brooklyn, where they still make their home, and susan joined them there. She was named susan bella after her paternal great aunt and great great grandmother. susan had soft brown hair and big blue eyes that sparkled with personality, despite her young age. After five long months of incessant crying, she finally became an enjoyable and fun loving baby. susan attended a local school for her preschool and elementary school years. Throughout her school years, susan excelled in all subjects, although her talkative nature often got her into trouble. She was so popular with her classmates, that at one point when the classes were switched, her friends left no stone unturned to get her back into their class. She enjoyed switching classes with rachelle and performing other mischievous tricks to fool the teachers that only twins can pull off. Her supreme intelligence was one of the reasons she was chosen as English Editor of her eighth grade yearbook and editor of the grade newspaper. Shani spent her summers in the catskills where she was adored by campers and counselors alike because of her sunny disposition. At age thirteen, she began attending camp snob and spent four thrilling summer's there.

susan decided to attend H B High School in brooklyn and is currently enjoying her third year there. She is known as a conscientious student who loves to have a great time. There she likes being in the same class as rachelle, for the first time since kindergarten. One may think that these circumstances would provoke competition between them, but susan...
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