Topics: Culture, Education, Multiculturalism Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Nadia Barra ethnicity is Arabic and her parents are from Syria. Nadia's family is part of the growing Arab and Muslim presence in the United States. The Bara family chose the public school system for Nadia to attend. Despite, Arabs are still frequently invisible in curricula and in other school policies and practices, she has done well academically. Nadia feels living in America it can be challenging to practice her religion. For instance, her religion does not allow her have a boyfriend or come home at twelve at midnight like her friends. Nadia is simultaneously living with the challenges of fitting in and belonging in two very different cultural worlds. After September 11, 2001, Nadia has witness negative remarks said by Americans to people who belong to her mosque. An important comment Nadia mentioned in her interview was how she wouldn't like individuals to associate everything that she said or did with her ethnicity or religion because she is not representing all of them. Since 9/11 students' perceptions of Muslims students' have change to negative. Nadia mentioned how her teachers did not discriminate on the basis of her background, but neither did they make it part of the curriculum. In my opinion, teachers need to develop lesson plans that are culturally appropriate. Multicultural lesson plans will not only teach student different cultures, but also help students embrace their own culture identity. The real world includes different values systems in which are important to be reflected in the school’s curriculum. Before teaching students of the different diverse cultures teachers must first demystify stereotypes and teach students to respect others. In my future classroom, I will be promoting culture diversity by providing students opportunities for collaborative work that requires students to cooperate with people in diverse social groups. Like community service programs. In addition, I will encourage students to take on the role of expert in their...
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