Nadine Gordimer's: July's People

Topics: Nadine Gordimer, Present tense, Novel Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Nadine Gordimer's "July's People" is a fictional novel which reveals many harsh realities of South Africa. Gordimer's novel takes place during a transitional period of the Apartheid called “interregnum”. The epigraph chosen by Gordimer reveals the structure of the novel: "The epigraph of the novel, culled from Antonio Gramsci, sets the tripartite timeframe of the narrative" (69, Erritouni). The tripartite consists of the interconnecting: past, present and future. The past and the future are defined by the present explains Jeffrey J. Folks: “Focused on the interregnum and not the future per se, July’s People employs a futuristic narrative mode with which to examine the present” (115, Folks). The Smales family is caught in the interregnum which allows Gordimer to expose “morbid symptoms”. The interregnum in question is the one in between the Apartheid and the Post-Apartheid. The symptoms of the interregnum and the effects in the novel's events.

Gordimer creates a unique environment of multiculturalism thanks to the present revolution in South Africa. The Smales move from their big home and swimming pool to a hut: "The seats from the vehicle belonged no longer to it; they had become the furniture off the hut" (14, Gordimer). The mixing of two societies occurs when they Smales bring modern objects in a primitive world. “The Title of the novel is a play on “possession” in several senses, perhaps most significantly in expressing Gordimer’s hope for a multicultural society” (116, Folks). July's fellow natives warn him that this multicultural event is dangerous: "White people. They are very powerful, my son"(21 Gordimer). Only a national crisis or revolution could bring such a contrast in a cultural clash. The need for sustenance to survive comfortably pushes Bamford to use a gun: "the children who made free of every hut as the cockroaches, … and chattered all" (75, Gordimer). The village enjoys this rare and comical event which leads to a multicultural...
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