National Education

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National education is a subject that aims to increase the national identity of students and citizens in Hong Kong. There are several steps to help fulfill this subject's aims. As it is believed to have benefits to the students in studying as well as helping critical thinking. There are some, however, some people see the content of this subject is brain-washing which hinders students to learn the real history of China, so that this subject still remains as the non-core subject in the primary schools or secondary schools. In this essay, both the advantages and disadvantages of national education in Hong Kong will be examined before drawing a conclusion based on the giving evidence.

Moral and national education (MNE) is a school curriculum proposed by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong in 2012. Hong Kong government wanted to promote national education in both primary schools and secondary schools. There are several advantages while promoting national education for students. One of the benefits is helping students to increase the national identity. Consultation on Moral and National Education Curriculum (2011) has reported that one of the curriculums aims is to facilitate identity-building through developing affection for the country, this can help increase the national identity to students. Since the promotion of nation to Hong Kong students were not enough in their studying stages in the government thought, therefore the government propose this subject to students as well as the citizens to help them have a more accurate and clear mind of the nation which can help recognize the identity as well as raising students’ recognition and sense of belonging towards their family, society, nation and the world and help them to become responsible family members, citizens and nationals (Moral and National Education Curriculum Guide Primary 1 to Secondary 6 , 2011).

As well as increase the national identity, helping students to develop moral qualities and a positive...
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