Negative Effects of Television

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Negative Effects of Television

Television is the most famous media communication in the world. Almost all people use television with many kinds of purposes such as entertainment. In addition, television brings a good side for children to gain various knowledge outside of school. However, some parents claim that television brings many negative effects toward their children. Based on my experience, I agree with that statement.

First of all, television can make a big wall among family member relationships. For instance, when children are addicted to watching television, they will feel lazy to do anything such as eating, sleeping, etc. Even when one of the family members tries to make a conversation, they will answer back as simple as possible. Thus, this kind of attitude would cause a bad effect to relationships among family members.

Secondly; now days, there are many action movies shown either via theaters or vie television. Even though it is much fun, but secretly, it makes a new shape of attitude for children. For example, if children often watching action movies, in the future, their responses for everything will be full of rude moves. Therefore, it is hard for children to make a good relationship around them.

Lastly, every scene of movie might give a bad influence to children. For example, there is a movie which tells the audience about an alcoholic’s life. In that case, it is possible for children to drink alcohol at such a young age.

In summary, television could generate bad effects for children. Not only it would make a bad attitude, but also it would devastate a good relationship.
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