New Testament Books

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Summary of the books of the New Testament Books

The Book of Matthew is of gospel genre. It is the first book of the New Testament and the first of the four gospels. Matthew is sometime referred to as “The Sermon on the Mount”. Matthew begins with the descent of Jesus. Matthew is a book that was wrote by the Jews for the Jews retelling the story of Jesus’ birth. King Herod orders all male babies ages two and under in Bethlehem and surrounding towns to be killed. King Herod was afraid that Jesus would take his throne. Jesus escaped to Egypt, later after returning to Nazareth. Jesus is baptized by his cousin John the Baptist. Jesus called upon the twelve disciples and began to preach about the kingdom of heaven. Jesus did not come abolish the Law, but to fulfill it. Jesus heals many through his preaching and He uses parables to teach the Gospel. Matthew’s main focus is on presenting Jesus as the King. Matthew tells of Jesus’ crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection. Christ is King, even during his death and His resurrection ensured victory for the Jewish people. Acts

The Book of Acts is of the narrative and gospel genre. The book begins with the story of Jesus’ life right before and right after His death. In Acts, Peter addressed the crowd, and the men and women took the commission and devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles. Peter healed a beggar and began to teach the gospel to the onlookers. Peter and John were arrested for teaching the gospel to the people. They were released and warned not to teach again. Peter and John return to their people and they all begin to pray and search for seven additional men to preach and teach the gospel of the people. One of the seven men, Stephen, was captured and was bought back to the Jewish courts, Sanhedrin, and he spoke out against the people. Stephen was stoned to death as he prayed. The church was persecuted and it caused the church to scatter. Peter began...
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