New Testament Summaries

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Michael Paul Jackson
New Testament Summaries
October 8, 2013

Luke is of the gospel genre in the New Testament. The key points and purposes of the book of Luke are: to tell of Jesus Christ’s Birth, along with his life and all the many miracles that he performed. Luke starts out with the Angel Gabriel: detailing visiting a man named Zacharias and told him that his wife would be giving birth to a son named John. From this point, Luke explains the conception of the Lord Jesus Christ. He tells of Gabriel’s visit to see the Virgin Mary and how Jesus will be the salvation for all humanity. The next part of Luke depicts the birth of Jesus and Jesus’ lineage. After detailing Jesus’ birth, Luke talks of the childhood of Jesus and then of his ministry when he was grown up. His baptism is chronicled, along with the many miracles he performed. The most renowned miracle he performed in the Gospel of Luke is feeding of the multitudes. Jesus fed five thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fish. Luke explains next the gifts of salvation and teaches us how repent of our sins and pray. He reaffirms that indeed Jesus is the Son of God. The Gospel of Luke concludes with the story of Jesus’ Execution and Resurrection from the Dead.

The book of Acts is a narrative genre. Acts idea as a book of the New Testament was to record and be an account of the origin and the expansion of the early church. It also explained the formation of Basic Christianity and recorded the expansion through the world. The book starts off with a basic summary of Jesus’ life before and after he was crucified. Main events within the book include: apostles witness to the people of the earth about Jesus Christ, (Post Resurrection) Jesus tells the apostles to bring forth the gospel and then arise up into heaven, John and Peter heals a crippled beggar in the name of Jesus, John and Peter escape prison, by the way, of God’s help, Stephen killed because of his...

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