Nixon administration

Topics: Vietnam War, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford Pages: 4 (1405 words) Published: January 17, 2014
Nixon Administration Evaluation
Between 1968 to 1974 President Richard M Nixon served as the president of the United States of America. During the Nixon administration the nation faced many challenges domestically and internationally. Nixon’s administration was challenged by the Vietnam war, the fluctuating economy, and the Watergate Scandal. His administration was plagued with challenges, both domestically, where it failed to gain support from the nation due to the war and economy, and internationally were his administration had more success. The Vietnam war began with the communist invasion of south vietnam and U.S. invasion just after that, which was a major conflict throughout the late 60’s and early 70’s. When Nixon entered office the war had already been going on for four years. In Nixon’s acceptance speech Nixon says “when the strongest nation in the world can be tied down for four years in a way in Vietnam with no end in sight, then it’s time for new leadership for the U.S.” He said the war was pointless “No end in sight.” Nixon’s administration aimed to end the war in his letter to Ho Chi Minh saying “I deeply believe the war in Vietnam has gone on too long.” His administration wanted to seek peace on its own terms. Ho Chi Minh responded by saying “the violation of our fundamental national rights still continues in South Vietnam” saying “Our Vietnamese people are deeply devoted to peace, a real peace with independence and real freedom, determined to fight to the end.” Ho Chi Minh sounds familiar to that of revolutionary America because when writing this letter he in fact used text from the Declaration of independance. Minh called out Nixon writing “You have expressed the desire to act for a just peace the U.S must cease war of aggression and withdraw troops. Respect the people to dispose of themselves without foreign influence” Minh wants his nation to be independent and safe without foreign intruders like the colonies with Britain. These...
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