Not Everyone Are Children of God

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Not everyone are the children of God. 
Just cause you were born does not mean you are Gods child.  There has to be a supernatural birth.
I've heard many times that God loves all His children, referring to the world. And its true in one part , that He loves the world ( '..for God so loved the world...') the problem with this thinking is that you assume everyone is a child of God. but not everyone Is! the world wants no part of Him, don't want to be apart of Him.  Only the ones who humble themselves, repent, and surrender to Jesus can become the children of God.  The identity is not inherited by natural birth, but rather by supernatural birth!  Because of sin we are naturally the sons of the devil. there has to be a supernatural re-birth to be a child of God! That is the reason Christ came, to bring life, life abundant!

A little girl came home from a neighbor's house where her little friend had died. "Why did you go?" questioned her father. "To comfort my friend’s mother," said the child matter-of-factly. "What could you possibly do to comfort her?" asked the father. "I climbed into her lap and we cried." (The Story of Jesus). We all go through troubled times. How sweet it is when someone comes alongside to hold us, to cry with us…to comfort us! Likely, there are some…perhaps many…among us today who desperately need someone to say, “Come, climb into my lap. Let me hold you and cry with you and bring you comfort.” If that is you, be encouraged. Look up. Smile. Comfort can be yours today! Yes, we all face troubled times. And one of the words that certainly can help us endure such times, is the word: COMFORT.


But where? Where does real, lasting comfort come from? And how can we be comforted today? 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 HCSB
Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort. He comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any kind of affliction, through the comfort we ourselves receive from God. Paul's Answer

In these two verses, Paul shares three truths about COMFORT that really can help you during your days of troubled times. [pic]
I. God is Comfort
Have you ever heard someone say: “I don’t know how people without Jesus make it?" Usually, the person making such a remark has recently gone through, or currently is going through, some terrible event in their life. And as they look back on it, or as they are going through it, they realize how much God has helped them every day, every step of the way. And so they say, “I don’t know how people without Jesus make it.” Most of us probably have heard someone say that. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. And you meant it. Right? Why did you say it? Why would you say such a thing? Because when you were going through a terribly difficult time, you realized you could not have survived without the presence and power of God in your life. Why is that so? Because, as this passage reminds us, He is the “God of all comfort.” Which means two things: 1) God is comfort. To experience comfort is to experience part of what God is. 2) You cannot have real comfort apart from God, because He is comfort. Comfort doesn’t exist apart from God. Comfort is not something He holds; it is part of who He is. Even though we never may have thought about it theologically, we know experientially that this is true. We’ve experienced the fact that true comfort – that deep, abiding comfort that the world cannot take away – that kind of comfort comes to those, and only to those, who have a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus. And so we say, often without realizing the depth of truth we are uttering: “I don’t know how people without Jesus make it.” The truth is, they don’t make it. Not as well; because they do not have the God of comfort in their lives! God is comfort. And to know God, is to have access to real, lasting, deeply-penetrating comfort; no matter the troubled times you may...
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