Nurse-Patient Relationship

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Nurse-Patient Relationship as a caring relationship
Abra Nayo
Central Connecticut State University
Nursing 110-01: Introduction to Nursing Theories
Dr. Linda Wagner
November 28, 2011

Nurse-patient relationship as a caring relationship 2
The nurse-patient relationship is central to patient satisfaction and sets a tone of the care experience. Nurses are the health care professionals that spends the most time with the patients. By analyzing and understanding the factors that have the greatest impact on overall patient satisfaction, nurses can aim, and can focus their efforts, energies, and resources on improvements with the greatest potential to enhance the patients experience. There are many principles that nurses should use to build a healthy, careful balance of trust, and professional respect with the patients. However, there are also benefits as well as challenges to developing nurse-patient relationship. Ellen Meeropol(2011) in House Arrest, a captivating, and compelling fiction book, examines an unlikely relationship between two woman who , on the surface, could not be more different. Pippa is pregnant and under house arrest for the death of her daughter , and Emily is the nurse assigned to manage Pippa’s prenatal care. As the story unfolds Meeropol uses her twenty-year nursing expertise to describe the relationship of the two women. The question is what is that particular, purposeful relationship that nurse and patient sometimes partake? This paper will examine the nurse-patient relationship, showing the positive and the most challenging elements so that there can be a deeper understanding and admiration for patients and the impact on the nurse and the patients.

The nurse-patient relationship is first based on caring relationship. It is a nurse’s...
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