Nursery Nurse

Topics: High school, Primary education, Child Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Explain different transitions children and young people may experience from 0-19 years and how adults can support them through them. Babies weaning - young children may not like their new routine, such as different sleep patterns, different foods, not as much milk, Children may begin to have disturbed sleep patterns, be more irritable whilst awake and less motivated to try new foods. Its good through this stage of their transitions that the parents remain calm and keep a soft voice at all times to prevent the child from getting distressed. To help the child with sleep patterns, play calm soothing music, make it a calm environment (classical music helps) and a dark room. To help them with different foods, try encouraging them with making sounds like ‘mmm’ and ‘yummy’ you can also try some of their food and make smiley faces to indicate that it’s nice to eat. Crawling to walking- when a child starts to walk, they can become distressed that they aren’t getting to where they want to, parents can help this with holding their hands to gain balance. when their baby is starting to walk, parents should make the environment safe and secure Potty training- The reassurance that nappies offer can be enormous for both child and parent, for some children it is more difficult recognising the signs of needing the toilet. Supportive relationships understand that when their child has an accident, they are to show that it's okay. That they can be cleaned up, everyone moves on and reassurance is given for trying again the next time. Starting Nursery- When children don’t want to leave parents or are feeling unwell, separation can be a very upsetting for them. Starting nursery can be daunting for children. Supportive relationships help children through this potentially difficult time by reassuring the child that it's ok to be upset at leaving their parent/carer, you know how much they love them, that you also have fun activities planned and would they like to join you. Supporting this...
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