Objective 601.3.3-04

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Diversity and Inclusion
Objective 601.3.3-04

A: Create a graphic organizer

What person is created any differently than any other? What is it that makes us perceive others as different or less than ourselves just because of their culture, or even the color of their skin? America is supposed to be the “melting pot” of the world. People come here from all over the world to become a part of the freest nation on the planet. They come to enjoy our idea of life, liberty, and justice for all people. There is no one in this country that didn’t come from another place, not even the Native Americans. Yet I perceive that we are the most culturally biased nation in the world.

Respecting cultural differences and avoiding cultural bias in an educational setting.

Digging way down deep within myself, do I consider myself culturally biased?No. My own self-awareness dictates that I see others as myself.
Does the color of a person’s skin make the person?The color of a person’s skin is a natural phenomenon that has to do with regions of birth. Posters from a multicultural center depicting people from all over the world with color photos from different regions might be helpful.

What makes a person to become culturally biased?Ethnocentrism. We are programmed from birth to look at others from our own cultural perspectives, and judge them by our own standards. It would be a good idea to create a lesson plan that includes an explanation of ethnocentrism and how it affects others.

Is bias in the classroom avoidable?Absolutely it is. It takes training and education to recognize cultural biases and understand how to avoid them. It is a must to talk with students about their individual cultures and help them embrace who they are as a class.

Diversity and Inclusion. What does that mean to me?It means recognizing that there will be many different cultures, and, there will be a very diverse group of personalities in every classroom. It means my job will be to assure that each child gets exactly the same attention and the same level of education as the other, with no respect as to race, color, or beliefs. Each child is a product of their own environment and they must all be integrated together as one class.

B. Using your textbooks and other references, investigate academic research about culture and multicultural education in an essay.

1.Define culture.

Culture is the inherited ideas, ways, history, mores, etc., of a family or group of people. These are passed from family member to family member or group member to group member within a society. Culture includes ways of thinking, beliefs, acting and feelings within a group or family that are passed from one generation to the next.

My mother and father are Christians, and my dad was a pastor. They believed a particular denominational teaching, and they passed those teachings down to the rest of the family. They in turn have passed those beliefs and teachings down to their families. Many of the teachings centered on honesty, integrity, and kindness toward others. My father was an extremely hard worker who was a truck driver for most of his life before becoming a pastor. He believed that hard work and integrity on the job was the right way to accomplish those things in life that we desired. He passed that way of thinking and working down to the family members, and in turn we all became hard workers who are successful at life, and we have taught those things to our families.

My mother believed that a proper woman was a lady first, and a lady should dress and act as such. She wore skirts and dresses below the knees, so my sisters dressed in the same manner. My sisters passed those feelings and beliefs to their children, and shared them with their husbands. All of those things are a part of our “culture.”

A culture can be a self-contained establishment such as a school. A school has many educators and social evaluators who have formed...
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