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Question 1
There are many elements to consider while reading the bible. Three vital elements to gain knowledge about the New Testament according to NTA (New Testament Antiquity) would be to know the land, having an understanding of the history and knowing the culture of the people from the land. Knowing these three items will broaden the bible and the message of Gods word, confirming and bringing knowledge from the past. In order to paint a picture that will allow literature to flow the authors of the bible must have had us in mind! The context of the land is crucial because it will give a back ground to the people and geography. When Jesus traveled preaching the word and showing the world miracles He was traveling through ancient times that lack detailed records. Records were taken but not as sophisticated as the 21st century records. For example Jesus wasn’t just driving around city to city preaching his word but instead He was walking miles and miles. Another important element for understanding the New Testament would be having an idea of the history. Next, understanding a place at a particular time can provide not only facts that back up the event but also confirm the truth. As human beings we want to be able to confirm what we think we know and what has been taught to us rather in school or even church. I know that at a retreat I attended had a speaker who had done numerous studies on the New Testament had showed a slideshow with facts from the bible that had been confirmed. Historical research is a crucial part of the bible. Adding a stronger foundation to the word of God is important to the development and establishment of a relationship with God. Finally the third vital element would have to be knowing the culture. Social and cultural routines will make since if we can understand the people. Cultural facts will give insight to how the people of the land lived every day. Culture is all about how as a society each person was raised. For example, a typical Hispanic family believes that they should be catholic because being raised catholic means having a family that is catholic It it’s socially expected and considered the normal approach of being religious and very unexpected and unwelcomed to be any other religion This is why it is important to know land, history, and culture of the land. Question 2

The Greco Roman world leading up to the time of Jesus was a time where rulers, boundaries and many other things were ever changing. The Greco Roman world was a group of regions under the Greek or Roman rule. Before Jesus came into the picture the land did have religious aspects but they followed the rules set by the Old Testament. Because Jesus was sent to die for our sins, the old practices such as sacrifice could be removed. The main goal was education during the Greco Roman time was that on many topics including art, philosophy, and other educational tools.This took place when the Roman Empire was growing toward the east. There were two goals for the Roman empire. The goals were to gain Egypt and Syria. They wanted Egypt for its vast riches, studies and abundant harvest. Syria was wanted because it was a passageway to the valleys of Euphrates. That empire had the plan to control these lands. A commander of this time was Pompey. He commanded the Roman armies in which he was successful. He then decided to head south to Judea as a strategy. After moving to Jericho where he wanted to go west and arrived in Jerusalem preparing for war. He was cruel and killed over 12000 citizens of Jerusalem in one day. There were Jewish rulers under the Romans rule. Then Jerusalem was captured and the "King of the Jews Herod" was established to the throne. Herod ruled for 33 years and kept the Jewish land in a good state, wealthy and together showing strength and resistance to violence around him. Herod who was only half Jewish, married a Hasmonean daughter to gain insight to the throne but was in fear and worried about...
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