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Kristen Jones
BIBL 104-D23
May 9, 2014
New Testament Bible Dictionary Project

Book: Revelations
The basic literary genre of the book of Revelation is an epistle. It is said that “The Book of Revelation is the greatest book of apocalyptic literature ever written” (Hindson, E & Towns, E 2013. Pg555). The Book of Revelation is a very descriptive book that uses symbol that depict the events and persons relevant to the book and also a number structure of threes and sevens. (Hindson, E & Towns E 2013. Pg559-560). The author of the Book of Revelation is said to be the apostle John, although the authorship has been disputed somewhat throughout the years. (Hindson, E & Towns E 2013 Pg555-556). The date that the Book of Revelation was composed is also disputed. Scholars place the book with an early date and a later date of when it could have been written AD 64-67 and AD 95-96, although there is more evidence that leans towards the later of the two. (Hindson, E & Towns E 2013. Pg558). The key themes and purposes of The Book of Revelation outlines the return of Jesus Christ through a series of visions. The main characters of The Book of Revelation are the churches, John and most importantly Jesus Christ. Person: Mary

Mary the virgin mother of Jesus Christ was born approximately 18 BC to Joachim and Anne, and died in 41 AD. Mary was born in the nation of Galilee, and after that she gave birth to Jesus in the holy city of Bethlehem. The most important Biblical figure that the Holy Mother Mary is associated with is Jesus Christ. Mary, although not an author of any Biblical stories played a major role in the Bible with her virgin birth of Jesus Christ. (Wikipedia). Setting: Nazareth

Nazareth was said to be continuously settled between 900-600 BC, with a population that did not reach over 500 in the time of Jesus Christ. Nazareth was a small agricultural town with no trade routes. The city of Nazareth is most famous for it being the birthplace of Jesus...

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