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Advanced Old Testament Survey
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Beginnings are important. Throughout the course of history people have wanted to know their origins. History then matters, not simply because it describes what happened in the past, but also helps people to understand the present and the future. Elmer Towns’ book, “A Journey through the Old Testament”, is the story of how God developed His people in the Old Testament.   In his introduction, Towns said he chose to interpret the Old Testament through the influence of great persons as they improved society, or destroyed the quality of life in their culture. It attempts to analyze the spiritual principles of these history makers and apply them to twentieth century life. Elmer Towns seemed to me to shine a spotlight on important details in the life of the Old Testament people, which are probably not caught by most readers of the Old Testament.   In the Garden of Eden, right after eating the fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, God speaking to the serpent, speaks of Eve’s seed bruising the devil’s head (Gen 3:15).  The first child born to our first parents, Adam and Eve were looking for a “seed”, they probably expected their first child to be their redeemer.   Cain should have sought to walk with God as did his parents; but he did not (pg 27).   “A Journey Through the Old Testament” has a peculiar approach of an analysis of spiritual principles and practical applications at the end of each chapter which create a great atmosphere to look at the history makers and find a modern message for today’s world. Critical Thinking

In the first chapter of his book, Elmer Towns states that “the fall of Lucifer occurred before the seven days of creation” [pg 6]. This statement gives rise to many problems in regards to God’s word. Towns, in another book entitled, “What The Faith Is All About: Basic Doctrines Of Christianity”, states that he is not a Gap Theorist. “Once again, most Biblical evidence is against such a theory [The Gap Theory], since Adam, for instance was called the first man”. But one of the beliefs the proponents of the Gap Theory have is that Satan fell from heaven before the seven days of creation. “Proponents of the Gap Theory also postulate that a cataclysmic judgment was pronounced upon the earth during this period [between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2] as a result of the fall of Lucifer (Satan)”. But Towns is in agreement with the Gap Theorists in their belief of Satan falling between verses 1:1 and 1:2 of Genesis. Even though he has said he does not agree with the Gap Theorists in their beliefs that there was a society or creation of human beings before Adam and Eve; he in no way denies their belief in long geological ages which would make him an old earth advocate by way of implication. Also, he seems to promote that the human race, that exist as we know it, is God’s second attempt at creating a being(s) that would worship Him. This view says that God has no control over the outcome of His creation which is an attack on His sovereignty. The problem with this view is that in Genesis 1:31 “God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day”.18 Elmer Towns, by his admission that Satan fell before the seven days of creation, has God saying that Satan was a very good creation while he was in a state of falleness and rebellion against God. This implies that either God is promoting rebellion against Him as good or that He is a liar. But Scripture in other places explicitly states that God says rebellion is evil in His sight and that He cannot lie.19 The irrationale of Towns in this belief comes from his failure to harmonize Scripture with Scripture. Another worthy note to consider is that he gives not a single shred of Biblical evidence of Satan falling before the seven days of...
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