Old Testament Synopsis

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Summary, Interpretation and Conclusion
of the Old Testament

April 5, 2010
Summary of Old Testament
Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. The historical background of the Old Testament
3. The Pentateuch
4. Historical books
5. Wisdom writings
6. Major and minor prophets
7. Conclusion
8. Works cited

The Old Testament constitutes an essential and fundamental part of the Bible. In fact, the Old Testament comprises books which were written before the 12th and 2nd centuries BC. The Old Testament plays a significant role in the understanding of the Christian teaching. At the same time, the Old Testament has a great historical value as a collection of books which recounts the history of the Jewish people. In actuality, the Old Testament comprises books which may be divided into five major categories: the Pentateuch, historical books, wisdom writings, books of major prophets and books of minor prophets. In such a way, the Old Testaments combines books which vary by genre and their themes. To put it more precisely, the Old Testaments contains the narration of the history of Jewish people and the emergence of Christianity as a powerful religion. In such a way, historical books are combined with books containing the basic information on Christian religion, including fundamental Mosaic laws. In addition, the Old Testaments contains prophecies concerning the future along with philosophical works that makes the entire work, created before Christ the major work and the {text:soft-page-break} basis of the early Christianity, which was used the foundation for the development of Christianity and the New Testament created by Christ and his disciples.

The historical background of the Old Testament
The Old Testaments constitutes the large part of the Bible. In fact, the Old Testaments represents a collection of books that vary in genre and themes but which are united on the basis of the common historical ground and its major focus on the development of the Christian teaching. The Old Testament may be viewed as the backbone of the Bible prior to Christ since the books comprising the Old Testament were written by different authors in the period from the 12th to 2nd centuries BC. On analyzing the history of the Old Testament, it is important to underline that the interpretation of original texts of books comprising the Old Testament vary substantially. To put it more precisely, specialists (Bahnsen et al., 291) distinguish the Septuagint which is commonly accepted in the Orthodox Christian tradition, and the Latin translations of the Hebrew texts, including the translation made by Jerome, which are commonly accepted in Catholic Christian tradition. At this point, it should be said that the Septuagint represents the Greek translation of the original Hebrew texts. Originally, the Greek translations were perceived as correct translations of the Old Testament. However, in the late 4th – early 5th century AD, Jerome’s translation of original Hebrew texts revealed the fact that the Greek translations were not absolutely precise and they did not always adequately conveyed the original message of ancient authors. At first, Jerome’s translations faced a strong opposition from the part of Christian theologies, including Augustine, who insisted on the correctness of the Greek translation. Nevertheless, gradually, the Latin translations of the original Hebrew texts were accepted by western, Catholic theologies and clergymen.

In spite of variations in interpretation and structure that can be traced in the Septuagint and the Latin translations of the Old Testament, its books are the heart of one of the major, world religions, Christianity. It is important to underline the fact that the Old Testament represents the narration of the ancient history of Jewish people its origin and development along with the narration concerning the development of Christianity and the...
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