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Kenya is democratic country. It is perceived to be charismatic one as it accommodates cultural, regional, economical, social disparities and still is able to stand on its own. Fundamental right to vote or simply voting in elections forms the basis of universities democracy. In universities, a student casts his/her vote to his/her favorite candidate by putting the stamp/tick against his/her name and then folding the ballot paper as per a prescribed method before putting it in the Ballot box. This is a long, time-consuming process and very much prone to errors. Voting is a crucial activity held after every one year in our beloved Meru University. This activity is managed by the office of dean of students and student’s body which is the authority ensuring that the activity runs smoothly and fairly.

1.1 Background of the Study
Meru university constitution provide every student irrespective of his/her religion, region, caste, color, economic status and sex the essential right to vote and elect his/her candidate to represent her/him. Hence voting can be termed as backbone of not just democracy in Kenya but all around Kenyan universities. In Meru University voting takes place after every one year term and the student body ensures that this process goes nicely to the bottom and mostly things are done manually by the commission having to recruit the students to conduct the process. Basically the process takes only a single day and all is done. This makes it hard for students not on full time mode to come and cast their votes and then travel back to their respective destinations and at times their might be complexities of travel and work commitments.

1.2 Problem Statement(s)
The problems of the existing manual system of voting include among others the following: 1.Expensive and Time consuming: The process of collecting data and entering this data into the database takes too much time and is expensive to conduct, for example, time and money is spent in printing data capture forms, in preparing registration stations together with human resources, and there after advertising the days set for registration process including sensitizing students on the need for registration, as well as time spent on entering this data to the database. 2.Too much paper work: The process involves too much paper work and paper storage which is difficult as papers become bulky with the population size. 3.Errors during data entry: Errors are part of all human beings; it is very unlikely for humans to be 100 percent efficient in data entry. 4.Above all, a number of voters end up being locked out from voting.

1.3 Objectives
The project aims at developing a management information system to computerize the voting activity in Meru University. All data relating to the process will be stored in a centralized and secured database with a user friendly interface that will enable students to cast their votes to their favorable candidates. During this project identified voting regulations and requirements will be incorporated into the system and users guided on how they should vote.

The system is designed to improve the current voting process in the following ways;

Allow students from any part of the country to vote.

Reduce the number of legitimate votes not counted, and eliminating vote tampering.

Improve the registration process by allowing voters to check their registration status prior to voting and centralizing registration databases.

Improve voter confidence and improve the voting experience.

The project will also ensure that data is secure from unauthorized access by implementing roles that will define who is allowed to log in and participate in voting, the application will implement user authentication to counter leaking of the process. A complete MIS will be developed, tested, documented and demonstrated to the stake holders. •Improves voter confidence in the...
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