Online Voting System Thesis Proposal

Topics: Voting, Elections, Election Pages: 3 (624 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Research topic

Almera Mahumot
Mary Rose Perez
Kent Justin Lapinig

DIP Computer Science

I. Research project/Study title:

Computerized voting system for Student Council Elections

II. Research topic areas:

Election, system development

III. Background of the study:

Since the start of education and it’s components for learning purposes, not just the academic side has become our use for success and for competitive side, but taught us to push forward of oneself, to become leader of the society. The role of being an officer is the next factor to consider especially in a school. The elections comes next as to find the worthy leader of the society, election is a decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual candidate to hold a particular position of the office, group or society, voter finds his/her name in the voters' list and locates the correct precinct. As for school elections, students’ name is found in a list along with its specific classroom, a particular student voter may search by year or section category, afterwards the process, the voter will drop the list of voted candidates into a ballot box and the process is finished. Like the nationals, the election is only conducted in a period of time, as for a secondary or a tertiary school, it is only conducted every school year.

IV. Statement of the problem:

The voter’s system in an election that is conducted in a school, mostly in a secondary or tertiary schools, until now use the manual system used during the past presidential and senatorial election events that is consisting of voting papers with a list of candidates, the list is then put in a ballot box afterwards a finished decision-making process. Cheating is not the problem of the manual voting system that is used by the students unlike during presidential and senatorial elections, but the system itself that...
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