Our Cultural Diversity

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Our Cultural Diversity
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Cultural diversity is what the world is made of. It’s based on race, religion, socioeconomic status, and gender even. We need cultural diversity in the work place, our religion, and our lives. When we travel we tend to go to places we never been, I guess to learn how other people or cultures live. Also now a days we have new cultures popping up all the time, however they then tend to join the mainstream culture around them.

Now I think it is important to have cultural diversity across time and space or geography. We get a chance to learn from them their culture as to how they function, their beliefs, and even family structure which may be different from ours. Example would be London, not totally different but they are ruled by a Monarchy, or a King and/or Queen. We on the other hand chose democracy or freedom. The article I read was on cultural diversity in the workplace by Scott Esposito. He wrote that cultural diversity in the workplace is extremely important to help out your customers, especially if you are fortune 500company. Now he was asked to create a new security program in the wake of 9/11, he felt it was an opportunity instead of just creating a security program, but he said when it was all said and done,” It was not the diverse group but the results they came up with.”

So, yes cultural diversity is important outside academia so we can learn again from the different cultures the world, besides you professors need to know what you are teaching to us. The only way you can teach us is to study whatever culture or cultural diversity you are prepared to teach us. I’m sure not all teachers have been to where they are teaching in that case you have to definitely study what is out there to pass on. When it...

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