Outline for Speech on Sex Education

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: November 4, 2012
The question we want to answer today is should sex education be offered in school? In my opinion, yes it should. If we offer it, less pregnancys would happen. Less sexually transmitted diseases would be passed in. Less emotional/physical pain would occur. This type of education can leave a footprint on your brain. According to seventeen magazine 750,000 girls get pregnant each year. This number could be cut in half and divided by three if we enforce that it's not right until marriage. In the 7th and 8th grade when the hope center came to the middle school and taught us about all these diseases, infatuation, love, gave us situations and talked about how to prevent it. If we had this prgram 3-4 times a year we would not see 5 prgnant girls walking down the hall way ashamed of themselves. Nobody knows what its like to be in ther shoes, so why even label them. I bet your doing the same except your doing it more carefully. It only takes one moment to ruin your life, but if we have sex education, those moments could happen alot less. People don't know how much of an eye opener sex-ed is until they someone enforcing everything. No one wants your future to be ruined by something that could have been prevented by one class. Now you might think this has to be taught at home well that's true, parents have more say than teachers. Some parents dont give a crap though. They turn their kid loose like there is no tomorrow. Now if we have this at school maybe they will have a new view on sex and what the after causes will/might be. Everyone needs to pause before they play. Sex-ed would teach us all that. I like sex-ed, it's actually a good course from all the people that taught me. You also might say not everyone is mature enough for the topic. Well lets see how mature you are wgen you have a baby on the way, no money, no diploma, no nothing. I'm pretty sure high schoolers sexually active should not take this class lightly becaus it could happen to any of them. Sex-ed would...
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