Topics: Television, Television network, Television program Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Danny Monaco
Mr. Anstett
Argument Paper
3 December 2012
TV is good for you
Have you ever seen television? Recently, a people can watch TV anytime and anywhere if they want. To watch TV would be both advantage and disadvantage. A good thing is that TV station has been broadcasting free education program on air. Therefore, many children, expressly school truant children, can learn education such as math and history something like that. On the other hand, a bad thing is that a lot of TV shows effects children became bad behavior. For instance, they can see seriously violence shows and heard a lot of dirty bad words from TV because there is no age limit. In this way, we can have variety of opine on abut TV problem. However I can say that watching TV is not good for children. There are number of reason why I hold on and I would express only a few primary ones here. Steven Johnson wrote an article “Watching TV makes you smarter. In his article he explains how watching television can help you make a smarter person. He uses examples from several TV shows and series that may be affecting our brain activity even when we don’t realize it. He try to reach to audience from teenagers to older adults. He makes some good points in his argument as well. He argue that TV isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but too much of anything is never a good thing. On the other hand, Dana Stevens wrote an article about “Thinking Outside the Idiot Box, her audience are people who watch television. She wrote this article in response of Steven Johnson article. Stevens doesn’t believe that watching TV has a negative effect like an anti-television liberal; instead she argues that watching television doesn’t make you any smarter. The main idea of her articles is that the consumption of TV is not necessarily bad. Steven’s clearly states that watching what you enjoy shouldn’t be condemned. The individual must

Children learn bad manners from TV shows. They can see violence and...
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