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Jestina Ortega
December 2, 2013
ARTH (Monday-Wednesday)


Godspell is not a Scranton original but it has specific values that The University of Scranton, being a Jesuit college, holds dear to their heart. Godspell is a musical that was written by Stephen Schwarts and is based on the Gospel of ST. Matthew. The play opened off Broadway and was written in 1973. Godspell is a musical based in the late 60’s through early 70’s. John the Baptist is given a horn that when blown, the sound reaches a select few through the bustling and loud New York City. Those select few are then magnetically attracted to the horn and find John the Baptist, while Jesus Christ is also one of the chosen. Once Jesus Christ is a part of the group, they make it their mission to spread the word of God and fill this dark and materialistic city, into a city of love and color.

The actor that played the role of Jesus Christ was very persuasive and I found the way he played his character was very funny and relatable. In the musical Godspell, Jesus Christ is a hippie strolling through the rumbling city of New York hoping to empower the human race with feelings of peace and unity. Jesus Christ was very relatable because unlike how he is perceived in the bible as greater than man he is instead downsized and plays the role of a clown. When you read the bible, readers are almost afraid of Jesus because of all the power he can forge upon whoever he wishes which can seem intimidating. This musical shines Jesus Christ on a whole new light that makes it easier to fall in love with a man who can part a red sea rather than fear him for his powers are eternal and great. Jesus Christ is also playing the role of a comedian and the actor that did a great job perceiving Jesus Christ as a funny and relatable character which is very hard to do since he is a person that everyone has heard of and perceive him in a specific way which is different to how he is perceived in the play....
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