Paul of Tarsus

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By: Stephanie Cairns - SOR
The Second Most Important Man Towards Christianity
Analyse the contribution that Paul of Tarsus had on the development and expression of Christianity.

Paul of Tarsus or Saint Paul is considered by many Christians today to be the most important disciple of Jesus, and beside this the second important found in the development of Christianity. Saint Paul had a major impact on the spread of Christianity, contributing to the underlying unity of the religious tradition by helping expand Jesus’ original teachings into a developed integrated belief system. The reason why Paul of Tarsus was one of the most significant persons in Christianity is because of his contributions of the development of Christianity, establishing it as a destructive and flourishing tradition. Some of Paul’s contributions were his missionary journeys. Paul’s mission journeys are best understood as systematic plan to take Christianity to Gentiles. His Roman citizenship helped him in considering how widespread Christianity could be. The Christian missions as the disciples understood it was a Jewish mission; the preparations for the end of time involved only the chosen people. Paul’s great innovation was the successful expansion of the Christian mission to include Gentiles; in the end, this was why Christianity survived as a religion. (Paul’s Missionary Journeys worksheet).

Although many of Paul’s teachings have been contributed in the formation of Christianity, his teachings have also caused many controversies for the faith. This started with his controversial championing of the Gentiles but also caused other strong divisions in early Christianity. Other elements of Paul’s teachings eventually stimulated the Reformation- the pre-eminent schism in the history of Christianity. In addition, still others of Paul’s words cause controversy for the modern Christian Church in ‘his’ insistence on a subservient role for women and his condemnation of homosexuality....
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