Paul of Tarsus

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Without Paul of Tarsus it is unlikely that Christianity would be the major world religion that it is today. Originally called Saul, Paul was born in tarsus in southern turkey to a prominent Jewish family who could trace their roots back to the tribe of Benjamin, an of the 12 tribes of Israel. Paul was an apostle who had been thoroughly instructed by god and this had been made clear by his New Testament letters. There are various different aspects of rituals that are included in Christianity, with not only sexual ethics but, baptism, praise and worship, living a pure life and sin free life, attending church regulary and agreeing that Jesus is the truth and the light of your personal life.

The influence of Paul Of tarsus in Christianity with sexual ethics is reflected throughout the bible teachings, and the letters he wrote. Paul highlights the importance of sexual ethics both in personal relationship to each other and their relationship to God and the role of men and women in the church and in society. At a personal level his teaching reflects the idea that what happens in the physical influences what happens In the spiritual and all things within the church are to be done in unity and with decency.

Sexual Ethics In Christianity is a major concept in this religion, it is one of the core teachings. Chrstians believe that sexual activities and sexual conduct is made purely for the connection between a married couple.It outlines that it is a special part of life and should be sacred to humans. Paul believes that the physical act of sex has spiritual implications. He says in 1 Corinthians 6:16, he refers to the old testament where it says that when two people are married two shall become one. This two becoming one is really a spiritual reality. In this 1 corinthians passage he is speaking against the union of Christians with temple prostitutes. He points out that this union brings about a spiritual union between the Christian and the prostitute and so he argues...
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