Pe Vs Se

Topics: Primary education, Secondary education, Secondary school Pages: 3 (407 words) Published: January 30, 2015

Primary Education versus Secondary Education Sai Kiran Periketi
Wilmington University

In the modern era of life, by the increasing of population people are facing difficulties to find job in many countries. Few people insist that students only have to obtain primary education, while others assume secondary education is necessary. I strongly believe that only primary education is inadequate for the uniform development of students and the usefulness of secondary education cannot be diminished. People who say that primary education plays limited influence in student education for finding job. To begin with, competition has been increasingly tough since there are more and more job seekers in every part of the world. Undoubtedly, no matter what degree of education a person receives, he or she has to search for job finally, facing some competition. Hence, the earlier one goes to find a position, the better for a person. Moreover, they assume people can receive the technique through work rather than by education. Strictly speaking, school education does not heel practical knowledge for industries. It is inessential that, for people to obtain more education than primary courses. On the contrary, it is important for each and every individual to get as much education as possible before they go to companies. Firstly, secondary education plays a major role in advancing of every individual talent. Secondly, education will surely upgrade the toughness and competition of work. The more education one obtains, the heavier opportunities for employments he will face. Secondary schooling will explode minimum education and every child must go through ahead of getting into the globe of work. Few of them, might be do their own business, creating a path to people who are in bear market.

Surely, if students get into the employee market directly after primary education, they begin to earn...
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