Peace: Multiculturalism and Mauritius

Topics: Multiculturalism, Mauritius, Culture Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Discuss the importance of multicultural unity in developing a Culture of Peace in the Mauritian nation. Mauritius is one of the polyethnic countries that has the most peaceful and stable democratic. Multiculturalism has been a characteristic feature of the island of Mauritius. Mauritian society includes people from many different ethnic and religious groups: Hindu, Muslim and Indo-Mauritians, Mauritian Creoles, Buddhist and Roman Catholic Sino-Mauritians and Franco-Mauritians. The importance of multicultural unity need to be analyzed.. First and foremost, when we talk of culture and traditions in Mauritius, the unique ethnic diversity immediately transpires. Mauritius does not have one culture, but the blending of several cultures and traditions. Each and every ethnic group coming from all parts of the world brought along their cultures and traditions with them. They unified and created a rich heritage. Now, Mauritius stands proudly as a true cosmopolite country. The famous Independence song of Mauritius “don to lamein, pren mo lamein,lamein dan lamein…” represents the unity of Mauritians.

“We Mauritians have something in common. It is a very useful tool for the creation of a nation. It can release the feelings of loyalty, self-respect and complete participation; it is the Creole which we speak.” (Virahsawmy 1967)

Indeed, Mauritius’ true gem lies not only in its natural beauties but in its cultures and traditions. Moreover, as Mauritians are deeply attached to their ancestral roots, religious influences are still very present. Each and every year religious festivals are celebrated in peace and harmony. The most popular and important ones are; Divali, the Chinese Spring Festival, Eid ul Fitr, Cavadee and Christmas. These religious are celebrated with pomp and fervor. The sense of sharing and unity prevails despite all the odds. All Mauritians live together in peace like a big family. Furthermore, positive peace-building...
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