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I believe that television can influence children in good and bad ways. Depending of what types of shows and channels the kids are watching it could actually be a good thing. If a child is only allowed to watch kids shows, and kids’ channels they won’t learn anything bad. If children are just watching shows like Dora the Explorer and Jake’s Neverland Island, they aren’t going to learn anything bad; they may actually learn things that are beneficial. With Dora the Explorer they learn problem solving and also get introduced to some Mexican culture and Spanish. If you were to let a child watch adult shows though, it may not turn out very well. For instance, if you let a little girl grow up watching shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, they grow up thinking that the way these girls act is ok, because hey, if they’re on TV, they must be doing something right.

The advantages of letting children watch TV are that if you let them watch the right kinds of shows they will learn things, like I mentioned above. If you let them watch Discovery Kids, they may get more into science and want to do experiments at home and be more excited to go to school specifically to go to science class and learn. TV can also help kids figure out what they like to do. If they see someone doing something on TV, they may want to try to do it to. For example, if the child sees someone playing football, they may want to go try out for the team. I also think a lot of it has to do with the kid’s home life. Some disadvantages could be if they have a bad home life, they may use TV as a way to escape and then they end up watching way too much TV and never doing anything else.

People prohibit their kids from watching TV mostly because they are trying to protect them, I think. I don’t personally think anything on TV is really that bad that your kids need “protecting” from, but I know that a lot of parents are more protective then I see myself being one day. Some parents only let their kids...
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