Personal Vision of Ministry

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Personal Vision of Ministry Statement
“Creative, loving, and inspired ministry that loosens the burdens of religion, and leads people to a lifetime, obedient relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.” Each word in that vision statement is very significant to me and describes my spiritual being to this point. Creativity is important to me, not just because advertising or me being a bit imaginative, but because from the beginning, our God was a creative God; I don’t believe there is any room for becoming stagnant in Christianity. Love is the central theme of the Bible, and it is the most important of the Great Commandment’s. It is only through daily submission that inspiration will come, and it is only through inspiration and testimony that I find the strength to carry out God’s work. There are two “R” words that are distinctive when sharing ministry: Religion and Relationship. They are not the same. Religion: being the belief in and worship of a personal God or Gods Details of belief as taught or discussed. Relationship: the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. Example being Jesus Christ connected as our personal Lord and Savior. So this would be my personal ministry of how I am to share Christ Jesus Love. To be able to teach, and lead others to Christ through scripture. As a church youth minister, I should be one that is connected with today’s youth. A youth minister should lead children, not only in their spiritual growth but their personal development as well. A youth minister needs to possess great leadership qualities and have plenty of experience and testimony in order to share with the children. I must be able to train and encourage others within the church. I will be discipline, self-motivated, organized, and spiritually mature. This is why I believe AME will help me further Gods ministry, and gain more knowledge of who God is. Scripture says Lots about knowledge throughout the bible. One...
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