Personnel Management

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The prime objective of the present study is to evaluate the personnel management practices of the Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd,Sathy. In order to achieve the general objectives the following specific objectives have also been framed and put fourth of the critical evaluation. 1. To assess the general performance of the study unit in terms of some important financial performance. 2. To evaluate the important and the effective role personnel management in the growth and development of the organization. 3. To asses the satisfaction level of employees regarding various facilities offered and provided in the study unit. 4. To asses valid suggestions to enrich the present system of personnel management practices. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:

The research has conducted descriptive type of research. i.e., expost factory research. The descriptive research and social sciences. The main characterstics of this method is that the researcher has no control over the variables. She’s only record what is the feeling of labour towards facilities provided by the organization. The study also includes attempts by researcher to discover causes of labour’s dissatisfaction. For the purpose of the study the researcher has conducted the survey method. METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION:

The task of data collection started after the title of the study has selected and designed. The primary data’s nature is fresh,for a first time and original in character,i e., surveyed , labour were the respondents. The researcher obtained the primary data through direct communication with respondents. The researcher used schedule type of primary data collection. Schedule are nothing but the proformal containing a set of questions are being filled in by the researcher or enumerator ( the person who is specially appointed for the purpose) the researcher has designed the questionnaire i.e.,formulated the question and a rranged in the rights sequence. After preparation of questionnaire, the researcher got approval from the authority of the organization. Then the researcher has selected the simple random sampling method for collection of data .In the researcher study ,the respondents has selected,where each and every item in the population has an equal chance of inclusion in the sample and each of the possible samples Then the sampling size was designed considering with total operatives ,hundred were selected at random as respondents. The respondents were various department only.Then the actual collection of data were carried out in the separate room provided by the management.

In actual data collection, the researcher has gone with schedules,put the questions to the respondents from the performance the order questions are listed and recorded the replies in the space meant for the same in the performa. The researcher explained the aims and objects of the study to every respondents individually to avoid management fear in the minds of respondents . At the same time the researcher has put cross questions in order to find out the truth.

The data which is collected from made available by some body else is called secondary data.The researcher also used their source for the purpose of study used the house journals, Annual reports ,texts magazines, dailies etc.,

Simple tabulation method is used for tabulating the data i.e., three columns are made and first column represents the level of satisfaction, which were asked while the collection of data.

And 2nd column represents number of represents number of respondents who were in favour of particular level of satisfaction. Here the total number of respondents are as same as sampling size.

And 3 rd column represents the percentage of each level of satisfaction, i...
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