Perspectives on Indian Media: Paid News

Topics: Political party, Newspaper, Mass media Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Apurva Mehta
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Prof. Eshwar Anand
Perspectives on Indian Media

Paid news has become a big threat to Indian democracy. How can it be checked to protect democracy?

Paid news or paid content are those articles in newspapers, magazines and the electronic media, which indicate favorable conditions for the institution that has paid for it. The news is much like an advertisement but without the tag of an ad. Media is supposed to be considered as very important in a democratic country like India. It is considered to be the fourth pillar of our democracy. But the way they behave and how they only work towards achieving higher TRPs makes me wonder as to whether we can still call it the fourth pillar of democracy. In India, where the other pillars are considerably failing, especially legislative and executive, the media was supposed to be working in favor of the people. The biggest job of the media is to present to the country, the truth in all matters without twisting any fact. The media should also be playing a very responsible, active but neutral role in discharging its duties without being influenced by a single individual or any political party. Media carries on its shoulders a huge responsibility in a democracy like India, which it has to complete without any bias towards anyone. The fear of being exposed is what keeps the politicians in control. Thus I feel media is rightly called the fourth pillar of democracy. Paid news damages that thin line that exists between news and advertisements. It misinforms all its readers by adulterating the news. The concept of paid news has completely flushed the idea of free press down the drain. There is no more point in journalists reaching the location and reporting fresh news because news nowadays are advertisements in disguise. The media has finally ended up losing its trust amongst its readers. Just when paid news started getting more prominence in India, the political parties started channelizing...
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